What is My Automated Webinar?

It’s a revolutionary platform that enables you to duplicate entire Webinar events, to run them daily, as many times as you want, on complete autopilot!

Quite literally, “you can host webinars without even having to be online!”

My Automated Webinar is the best, most reliable, easy-to-use, effective and clever Automated Webinar platform on the planet and it empowers you to easily create every part of a Webinar event even if you have zero technical skills!

Our platform is constantly updated with several new features that will increase your conversion rates and will boost your productivity. We listen to our users carefully in order to provide you with the best online tools

When you become a member of MAW you get FULL ACCESS to:

Registration and Thank you pages

So you can invite prospects and client to reserve a place in your next webinar!

Automated Webinars

Schedule as many Webinars as you want and as often as you want and let them broadcast even when you are at the beach!

Dedicated Autoresponder

Use our built-in autoresponder to keep in touch with your webinar registrants before and after your webinar to maximise your results!


Get the Best of both worlds with only $28 / month!

All the automation of a Sales Funnel

With the conversion rate of a live webinar!

Easy to build and broadcast without the need for advanced technical skills!

Be at the top of your game every time!

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Today (Tue 25-Jun-2019)

Whether you’re looking to improve your conversion rate, use the most innovative product to build your network or gain your Financial Freedom,

My Automated Webinar is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!